Lyrics by Raquel Z. Rivera. Musical arrangement by Bryan Vargas and Raquel Z. Rivera. From the album Las 7 Salves de La Magdalena / 7 Songs of Praise for the Magdalene.


English translation of lyrics:

Magdalene The Sublime
Patroness of the Solstice
She who redeems us
Through her tears
Her gospel is suppressed
The world ignores her teachings
They label her a sinner
When she was a holy apostle
My Mary of Faith
Our divine lady

(Chorus) Magdalene The Sublime
Ay le lo lai le lo lei

Jesus called Mary
Fullness of all fullnesses
Pure among the multitudes
The wisest one
The Master well knew
She was his successor
The new shepherd
She who assures our peace
My Mary of Magdala
Our divine lady

Daughter of humanity
The right hand of the light
Teacher of the apostles
Path to clarity
Two add up to one truth
And the mystery lives within her
Sweet redeeming mother
Hail pious Magdalene
My Mary The Dark One
Our divine lady